2014 Chevy Reaper Review

Red color of body, recognizable design of Silverado and latest introduced power units under the hood are related for 2014 Chevy Reaper, version of already mentioned Silverado model. Named as reaper, the first thing on which most people would think of when it comes to this word is that under the hood is a beast from the engine. But is that really so, when it comes to this model? And what’s the difference between regular version and this from Chevrolet, Division of General Motors Company?

2014 Chevy Reaper front view

2014 Chevy Reaper: Specs

Primary goal was to make vehicle that will characterizes better overall performance, when it comes to driving on extremely rough terrain. In regard to this fact, 2014 Chevy Reaper characterizes slightly redesigned exterior in compared to other versions, alongside with wheels of 20 inches. Also, this model has longer ground clearance and suspension, which is default. when it comes to exterior, changes are related to the new shape of bumpers, new hood and grille. In this domain are and LED light-group at the front end, as well as integrated off-road lights.

2014 Chevy Reaper interior

2014 Chevy Reaper: Engine

This model is available in two versions, when it comes to type of engine. Both engines are GM’s V8 EcoTec 3 products. Chevy Reaper 2014 as basic model run 5.3-litre V8 engine, same as for Chevy Silverado 1500 model. This engine characterizes maximum of 475 horsepower, while at 1500 model it is 355 hp. The second, more powerful is a 6.2L engine. This supercharged engine is capable to produce up to 550 horsepower, alongside with maximum of 575 lb-ft of torque. This is engine which is also introduced and into the other Silverado versions (1500/2500/35000), but this version of the same engine is the most powerful. Model of 2014 Chevy Reaper with this engine accelerates for 5.3 seconds and reaches 100 mph for 13.9 seconds. Maximum speed is limited on 140 mph. Boths engines are paired to the automatic, six-speed gearbox.

2014 Chevy Reaper rear view

2014 Chevy Reaper: Price

Main characteristics related to Reaper: length 239.6 inches, width 84 inches, height 76.0 inches, wheelbase 153 inches and curb weight of 5,800 lbs. This vehicle main rival will have in model from Ford Motor Company, Raptor. They are too similar, and practically it’s hard to decide which is better, although Reaper characterizes more output power. It’s seems that it is personal matter, or free choice. Price for this version is in range between $ 50,000 and $ 60,000.

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