2016 Ford Super Duty diesel, release date

The 2016 Ford Super Duty has been revealed by its manufacturers. They have also revealed the significant changes and the upgrades which will take place in this new model. This statements were made during the 2013 State Fare which was held in Texas. In order to maintain its reputation, the manufacturers are aiming at transforming this new truck by equipping it with a more powerful motor. One of the significant upgrade which the automakers feel will enhance its power is the replacement of the 2015 version engine with a sturdy V8 turbo diesel. Currently, Ford has not revealed the exact engine specifications of the upcoming engine, but the automakers feel that it will be the best engine for the 2016 Ford Super Duty. This new model is being made to handle the toughest jobs. Upon its release, the 2016 Ford Super Duty will become a renowned F-Line model since it will be thoroughly upgraded to enhance its sturdiness and competence.

2016 Ford Super Duty front


This new truck, 2016 Ford Super Duty will be offered with a more modern-day and an aggressive appearance. One of its significant changes is in its engine design. Instead of upgrading it, the automakers will replace it with another model, the F-450 super duty platinum. Another big change in this new truck model is in its towing abilities which will not compromise on its control and competence. Its horsepower and torque will be enhanced owing to its superb engine abilities.

Inside of this 2016 Super Duty, it is going to be a cumulative mix of enormous quality material which will be equal to the amount of money paid in obtaining this new model. It will comfortably fit five passengers. Its user will be proud of the great security features which will be offered in this model. Its manufactures have also included a number of comfort features such as the head and the hand rest which are perfect comfort features after a hard day’s work. Although the 2016 Ford Super Duty is being made for work purposes, it will also come with a huge number of entertainment features for satisfaction purposes. They include quality sound speakers, hands-free calling and other different gadgets.

2016 Ford Super Duty interior

2016 Ford Super Duty will acquire major changes in terms of its appearance. It shall get first class aerodynamic lines which shall make it to look modern with an aggressive look. The four doors shall be maintained as well as the functional trailer. The chassis will undergo a minor facelift to make it stronger while its front will be redesigned to include powerful chrome grille and headlamps with quality lighting. On the sides, the 2016 Ford Super Duty will come with chrome bumpers and fog lights too will be included. As for the mirrors, they will protrude a bit to offer utmost control of the load in its trailer.


Under its hood, this new truck is being equipped with a 6.7 liter V8 turbo diesel. Its power ratings and are still unclear but this truck is said to come with a very strong engine. Current, the highest engine in the F-line models is the RAM HD with a power output of 400 hp and 850 lb feet of torque.

2016 Ford Super Duty side

2016 Ford Super Duty: Price and Release Date

Given the huge number of changes which are taking place in this truck such as the engine and the chassis improvements, this model will cost much more than the current model. Nevertheless, it is expected to cost between $ 45 000 and $ 65 000. Its precise release date remains unknown, but is is likely to take place before mid 2016.

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